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It’s the perfect after-hours treat, and we intend to ensure dessert is available not only to signify the end of a meal but as a pre-midnight snack as well! Serving sweet treats, fruity delights and creamy cravings from dinner until closing, our intention is to satisfy evening strollers, after drinks hunger pangs, pregnant cravings, cravings for no reason at all and every sweet tooth in the area with some of the most beautiful, flavour-filled desserts in Sydney.


Lemon Meringue (v/gfo) 12
w/ french meringue, lemon curd, sweet pastry

Milk Chocolate Molten Lava Cake (v) 13
w/ chantilly cream, strawberry, mint, raspberry sauce

Caramel Cheesecake (v/gf) 12
w/ peanut brittle, chantilly cream

Fresh Fruit Pavlova (v/gf) 13
w/ fresh seasonal fruits, chantilly cream, passionfruit pulp

Affogato (v/gf) 12
w/ vanilla bean ice cream, coffee, optional liquer